Online Baccarat - An elegant and sophisticated Casino Game

Discover what makes online baccarat one of the most chic casino games of all time, and why its elegance and appeal has made it into one of the most enthralling casino card games ever played. Believed to have been started in Italy in as early as the 1200’s, baccarat was reserved for the aristocracy and high rollers only, and was incredibly inaccessible to ordinary players as it was considered the ultimate in exclusivity. Whilst this has changed a little over the centuries, we are now able to offer you a chance to play it online! Enjoy online baccarat at Gaming Club Online Casino and experience the age old game of style and grace at its best.

Experience online baccarat at its best

Online baccarat remains one of Gaming Club’s most exhilarating casino games and the simplicity and charm of the game makes it easy to understand and enjoy. With simple rules and quick game play you can easily start playing and winning games of baccarat today. The objective of the game is simple, all you have to do is bet on the banker or the player, and then watch to see who wins or if they draw. The hand with the closest to a total count of 9 is the winner. Despite the appearance of complexity, baccarat is actually simple, fun and straightforward to play!

An Online Casino Game that thrills

Play online baccarat and enjoy the thrill of this game of skill and chance. Gaming Club offers you this premium table game in the comfort of your home. There a seat always available for you, absolutely no wait for tables and 24/7 guaranteed entertainment. Enjoy this casino game’s exhilarating thrill and take advantage of a game that offers some of the best odds online. We also offer extra bonus games that make baccarat even more intriguing, like being able bet on whether the banker or the player will receive a pair. If your guess is correct, you will get the chance to increase your winnings even more! Baccarat has proved itself to be a timeless, chic game that has been enjoyed for centuries. With the arrival of online baccarat you can now experience this sophisticated casino game’s thrill firsthand!